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What is a public liability claim?
A public liability claim is a claim for an injury that occurs on any property that is open to the public. This be anywhere such as public roads, buses, coaches, footpaths, shops, cinemas, pubs, airports hospitals and so on. The owners of properties open to the public have a duty of care to keep the users safe from injury. They also have to have a form of public liability insurance in place that would compensate injured parties should an accident occur.
Types of accidents
There are many different accidents that can occur in public places such as: falling debris, property left in a dangerous position, property left in a dangerous condition, defective property and so on. Injuries caused by the above can range from cuts and bruises to loss of limbs.
What to do after an accident in a public place
Firstly you should make sure that your accident is reported to an appropriate member of staff. You should also make sure that the appropriate accident form and accident book is filled in, this can later be used to assist your solicitor in making a claim, as it is proof that the accident happened. Make sure you are happy with what has been recorded in the accident book and that the circumstances are correct. If possible try to obtain witness information of anybody who seen the accident. Photographs are also helpful when making a public liability claim.
How do I make a public liability compensation claim?
Claiming compensation is quite simple and can be done by post and over the phone. Remember that a compensation claim can be dealt with on a "No Win No Fee" Basis.
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