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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I have to pay RAM or my solicitors for the work they do?
You are not asked to pay to progress your claim as the work is being done and should your claim fail you will not be asked for payment at all, as we operate a "No Win No Fee" policy, however if your claim is successful you may be expected to contribute towards your legal costs from any compensation you are due to receive. Our success fee is fixed at 25% including VAT
How long before my compensation is paid?
We cannot estimate how long claims will take, as there are many factors that can effect the time span. Once liability (fault) is established and medical evidence is agreed negotiations will start regarding the amount the value of your compensation. Once everybody is in agreement a formal offer will be made. Once you agree to accept your award you will usually receive your cheque within 6 weeks.
What If I lose?
If your claim is not successful you WILL NOT be asked to pay a penny. All fees are disregarded in the event of a claim being unsuccessful, this is known as a no win no fee policy. If your solicitor had to take the third party to court you may need the protection of a legal expenses policy. RAM Legal Services can provide you with a suitable after the event insurance policy which covers you against any legal expenses, but your Solicitor will advise you if this is appropriate. You may not need to make any arrangements if you have an existing pre event legal expenses insurance policy.
What if my solicitor has not been paid when my compensation arrives?
Your compensation belongs to you even if the third party insurer have not yet paid your solicitor for their time. Payment is your solicitors problem, not yours.
What if I am not happy with my solicitor?
Please inform RAM Legal Services straight away who will endeavour to resolve any issues that might develop.
Are there any Circumstances where I will have to pay for the work done?
If you knowingly supply misleading information or falsify information in support of your claim and prevent the completion of your claim, you could be asked to pay for the work done on your behalf. You may also be required to pay the costs of the work done if you deliberatley obstruct the completion of the claim.
Financial Conduct Authority
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