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Injuries At Work and Industrial Disease

Accidents at work are very common and can occur in any job, in any situation. You shouldn't be afraid of filing a work accident claim against an employer if you have had an accident at work. After all, they have a duty to provide safe working conditions, and if they don't fulfill this then they are breaking the law, as well as putting you at risk. Work accidents can happen regardless of where you work. You may think that factory accidents and construction site accidents are the only types of accidents which occur at work, but office environments have their own set of dangers to watch out for as well.

Have you been injured at work?

When working for an employer the employer has a duty to keep you safe from injury in the workplace. The legislation on this is clear and strict. Therefore if you are injured in the workplace there is a reasonable chance that the injury could have been prevented. If this is the case then you may be able to claim compensation for any injuries caused. This compensation can take into account; pain, suffering, loss of amenity, loss of earnings and damage to personal effects and clothing.

Long term injuries

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer long term injuries that prevent you from returning to work then you could also claim for future loss of earnings. This is by no means exhaustive and you may be entitled to claim for additional losses.

Are you suffering from an injury or illness caused by your working conditions?

Industrial diseases that can be caused due to working conditions may include; asbestos related diseases, other respiratory diseases, vibration white finger, skin diseases, industrial deafness and tinnitus. The Health and Safety Executive estimate that approximately three thousand workers die each year as a result of exposure to asbestos products.

Very often industrial disease results from exposure to a substance or an unsafe working practise over a period of many years. An industrial disease claim can often involve the detailed investigation of an individual's working history. Many industrial disease claimants are unaware that their health problems relate to their occupation. For example those who have worked with vibrating tools may suffer numbness, pins and needles, and reduced dexterity of the fingers and hands without understanding the connection with their occupation.

If you feel that you have an injury that could have been caused by your working conditions then you could be entitled to compensation.

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